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Womens Biotic

Womens Biotic

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Women's Biotic

Targeted Probiotic for Optimal Women’s Health

Women’s Biotic is a probiotic that provides comprehensive vaginal and gastrointestinal support for women of all ages. Each of the 9 probiotic species completes specific mechanisms to create a balanced microbiome, optimize reproductive and digestive health, and help improve immune function.

A growing body of evidence shows that strains of Lactobacillus found in Women’s Biotic have been shown to provide particularly strong support for microbial balance in the female body. A vaginal bacterial imbalance may lead to undesirable symptoms such as itching, odor, or discharge.

Moreover, research continues to show that probiotics support gut health through improved nutrient absorption and digestive function, which, in turn, reinforces overall immune health.

Women’s Biotic includes some of the most useful probiotic strains for sustaining women’s health. Clinical evidence suggests that these beneficial microorganisms may:

Support a healthy vaginal microbiome.
Support a healthy gut microbiome.
Promote healthy bowel function.
Aid macronutrient and micronutrient digestion.
Support healthy immune function.

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