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Vascular Support

Vascular Support

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Vascular Support is a unique cardiovascular supplement formulated to help preserve, protect, and regenerate the endothelial glycocalyx - the delicate gel-like coating that lines the inside of blood vessels. Maintaining the integrity of this glycocalyx barrier is critical for optimal circulation, blood flow, vascular permeability, and overall cardiovascular health.

The key ingredients in Vascular Support include:

- Chondroitin sulfate - A major structural component of the glycocalyx that stimulates synthesis of other glycocalyx components and helps inhibit inflammatory enzymes.

- Mobilee® hyaluronic acid matrix - Provides a concentrated source of hyaluronic acid, a key glycocalyx component that protects endothelial cells and regulates barrier permeability.

- Maritech® Synergy fucoidan/polyphenol complex - A proprietary blend from brown seaweed that delivers fucoidan to help restore the glycocalyx structure, along with antioxidant polyphenols.

This full-spectrum approach provides the critical building blocks to strengthen the endothelial glycocalyx. By supporting this delicate vascular lining, Vascular Support helps promote nitric oxide synthesis, healthy blood flow, vascular integrity, and overall cardiovascular wellness.

The clinically-researched ingredients have multiple mechanisms to regenerate the glycocalyx, maintain healthy vascular permeability, modulate inflammatory balance, and provide antioxidant protection for optimal circulatory function.
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