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UT Support

UT Support

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UT Support is a comprehensive nutritional supplement designed to promote healthy urinary tract function and maintain a balanced urinary environment. It combines three key botanical extracts that work together to support different aspects of urinary health:

- Anthocran® Cranberry Extract (120mg) standardized to provide 36mg of proanthocyanidins (PACs) - the optimal daily dose shown to inhibit bacterial adherence and promote a healthy microbial balance in the urinary tract.

- Ellirose™ Hibiscus Extract (200mg) containing compounds like flavonoids and organic acids that also help prevent bacterial adherence to the bladder lining and support a healthy urinary environment.

- Dandelion Leaf Extract (225mg) which has a diuretic effect, helping to flush out the urinary passages and promote healthy urine flow and excretion.

With this synergistic blend of cranberry, hibiscus, and dandelion extracts, UT Support works on multiple levels to maintain urinary tract health. It supports the body's natural defense against bacterial adhesion, promotes a balanced microflora, and enhances the elimination of wastes and toxins through increased urine production.

Whether you are looking to provide nutritional support for healthy urinary function or want an extra boost for urinary immune defenses, UT Support offers a natural, comprehensive approach to urinary wellness. It is safe for daily use and can benefit both men and women.
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