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Strontium is a mineral supplement that provides musculoskeletal and bone support. It is designed to increase skeletal strength and help maintain bone density, making it an important part of any bone-building regimen.

Key Benefits:

1. Bone Formation Support: Strontium helps increase the formation of osteoblasts (cells that build up bone) and slow down the formation of osteoclasts (cells that break down bone tissue), thereby maintaining a healthy balance between bone buildup and breakdown.

2. Increased Bone Density: Clinical studies have shown that supplementation with strontium citrate adequately supports bone mineral density (BMD) in older women, contributing to improved bone strength and integrity.

3. Improved Bone Quality: Strontium not only supports BMD but also enhances bone quality biomarkers, indicating improved collagen preservation and overall bone health.

4. Bone Matrix Strengthening: Strontium imparts a balancing effect on the osteoblastic-osteoclastic ratio, strengthening both the bone matrix and skeletal density through two different mechanisms.

Each capsule of Strontium contains 300 mg of elemental strontium derived from 950 mg of strontium citrate, providing a highly bioavailable and well-researched form of this important mineral.

Strontium is a unique mineral that offers comprehensive support for bone health, particularly in individuals who may be at risk of bone loss due to aging, hormonal imbalances, genetic predisposition, or lifestyle factors. With a growing body of research highlighting its benefits, Strontium is a valuable addition to any bone-building regimen.

For maximum absorption, it is recommended to take Strontium separately from calcium supplements. This product is free from gluten, corn, yeast, artificial colors, and flavors, ensuring purity and quality.
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