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Select DHA

Select DHA

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Orthomega Select DHA is a high-concentration docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) fish oil supplement designed to provide intensive nutritional support from this essential omega-3 fatty acid. Each soft gel capsule delivers a potent 580 mg dose of DHA in the natural triglyceride form for superior absorption.

DHA is a beneficial fatty acid renowned for its roles in supporting cardiovascular health, cognitive function, brain development, visual acuity, and ocular health. This DHA-focused formula can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, boost mood, memory, and focus, and promote neurological wellness.

The fish oil is sourced from the cold, clean waters off the Chilean coast, providing a pure and sustainable source. It undergoes purification, vacuum-distillation, and independent testing to remove any potential heavy metals, pesticides, and PCBs to undetectable levels.

Unlike many fish oils provided as ethyl esters, Orthomega Select DHA contains DHA in the natural triglyceride form which research shows is up to 70% more bioavailable and easily digested compared to ethyl esters.

This high-potency DHA supplement is ideal for those requiring elevated levels of DHA for targeted nutritional support, such as pregnant/nursing mothers, older adults, individuals with cognitive concerns, or those looking to boost heart, brain, eye, and overall health.
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