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Pre Bio

Pre Bio

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Pre Bio is a citrus-based prebiotic formula designed to promote a healthy gut microbiome and strengthen gut barrier function. Unlike fiber-based prebiotics that can cause excessive gas and bloating, Pre Bio uses polyphenol-rich botanical extracts as a non-fiber prebiotic to gently nourish beneficial gut bacteria without fermentation issues.

The key ingredients in Pre Bio are:

Pomegranate Fruit Extract (Pomanox®) - Provides potent polyphenols like punicalagins and ellagic acid shown to stimulate the growth of beneficial Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains while increasing production of butyrate and other short-chain fatty acids. Clinical studies confirm pomegranate extract's ability to enhance gut microbiota diversity.

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex (MicrobiomeX®) - This citrus fruit extract has been demonstrated in research to favorably influence bacterial groups that produce butyrate, leading to increases in butyrate and total short-chain fatty acid levels. It helps maintain a healthy inflammatory balance in the gut lining.

By nourishing healthy gut microbes with gentle, non-fermenting prebiotic polyphenols, Pre Bio promotes probiotic growth and diversity while providing antioxidant support to fortify the gut mucosal barrier. This strengthens gut immunity, enhances nutrient absorption, and supports overall gastrointestinal comfort and function.

Pre Bio is an effective prebiotic option suitable even for those with bacterial overgrowth issues like SIBO, as it avoids the gas and bloating associated with high-fiber prebiotics. It works to establish a balanced, resilient gut microbiome.
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