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MultiMin is a comprehensive, highly-absorbed mineral supplement designed to provide broad spectrum nutritional support. The key features include:

- A balanced blend of essential macro and trace minerals in their highly bioavailable Albion® chelated forms for superior absorption and utilization by the body.

- Minerals are chelated (bonded) to amino acids, creating specialized mineral compounds that use active absorption mechanisms in the gut for significantly higher absorption compared to basic mineral salts or oxides.

- Includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, potassium, boron and vanadium in their most bioavailable chelated forms.

- Betaine HCl is added to help prime digestion and further enhance absorption of the minerals.

- Provides optimal mineral support for bone health, helping to increase bone density and skeletal strength when used as part of a bone-building protocol.

- Highly absorbed chelated minerals also benefit cardiovascular health, energy production, immune function and overall nutritional status.

MultiMin delivers therapeutic levels of essential minerals in gut-friendly, chelated forms that avoid the issues of poor absorption and gastrointestinal side effects associated with inferior mineral supplements. It is a convenient way to achieve optimal mineral nutrition for diverse clinical applications.
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