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Methyl B

Methyl B

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Methyl B Complex is a comprehensive B vitamin supplement that provides all eight essential B vitamins, along with choline, inositol, and folate as Quatrefolic™ - the biologically active form of folic acid for optimal methylation.

The B vitamins work synergistically to support energy production, immune health, cardiovascular health, and neurological health. They serve as essential coenzymes in cellular energy metabolism and the methylation process, which helps convert homocysteine into beneficial amino acids and regulates gene expression, neurotransmitters, detoxification, and inflammation.

Key Benefits:

- Provides baseline nutrition to build metabolic reserve and protect against dietary deficiencies
- Helps protect against stress-induced nutrient depletion
- Supports healthy metabolism, methylation, and homocysteine balance
- Features active forms like methylcobalamin (B12) and 5-MTHF folate for enhanced bioavailability
- Comprehensive B complex formula with complementary nutrients like choline and inositol

Methyl B Complex delivers high-quality B vitamins and cofactors to replenish nutrients that are easily depleted by dietary shortfalls, metabolic demands, stress, medications, and genetic variations like MTHFR defects. Supporting optimal B vitamin and methylation status helps maintain energy levels, cardiovascular function, neurological health, and overall metabolic processes.
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