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IntestiMax is a unique blend of three essential oils - thyme, oregano, and clove - that work together synergistically to promote healthy microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. Key features and benefits include:

- Helps maintain gastrointestinal comfort by enhancing immune function
- Promotes a healthy balance of gut microflora
- Helps keep Candida albicans in its non-invasive, unicellular yeast form
- Thyme oil (standardized to 30-75% thymol) interferes with the structure of Candida's cell membrane
- Clove oil (standardized to ≥80% eugenol) inhibits Candida biofilm formation and adhesion
- Oregano oil (standardized to 55-80% carvacrol) promotes a healthy gut microbiome
- Provides antioxidant protection to reduce oxidative stress

The oils in IntestiMax have been used for centuries due to their ability to help maintain microbial balance and support immune defenses against gut stressors. The formula aims to create an inhospitable environment for unwanted microbes while allowing beneficial gut bacteria to thrive.

IntestiMax contains no gluten, corn, yeast, artificial colors or flavors. It is an ideal supplement for promoting overall gastrointestinal health and well-being.
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