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Hista Pro Jr

Hista Pro Jr

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Hista Pro Jr is a great-tasting, chewable tablet specially formulated to support immune balance and respiratory health in hypersensitive children. It contains a targeted blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes, and botanicals to provide comprehensive support for children with seasonal challenges caused by common environmental allergens.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Quercetin: A powerful flavonoid antioxidant that supports healthy histamine levels, stabilizes mast cells to diminish histamine release, and mediates the release of inflammatory compounds like leukotrienes and prostaglandins.
  2. Stinging Nettles Leaf: Helps balance the immune response, specifically in the airways and nasal passages, by controlling mast cell degranulation, prostaglandin formation, and histamine action, contributing to a balanced inflammatory response.
  3. Bromelain: A proteolytic enzyme from pineapple that aids in the breakdown of allergenic protein complexes, enhances the absorption of quercetin, and helps reduce circulating allergenic protein complexes associated with hypersensitivity and seasonal discomfort.
  4. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): An amino acid precursor to glutathione, an important antioxidant. NAC and glutathione help reduce the viscosity of mucus, allowing for easier clearance of the airways and improved respiratory health.
  5. Vitamin C: An essential nutrient with immune-boosting and potent antioxidant properties. It supports the immune system and has the ability to deactivate histamine, which is beneficial for individuals with seasonal discomfort.

Hista Pro Jr is designed to promote normal viscosity of mucus, clear nasal passages, and provide comprehensive support for children experiencing elevated histamine levels and respiratory irritation due to environmental allergens. Its unique blend of ingredients safely promotes healthy nasal and sinus passages, making it an ideal choice for supporting respiratory health in hypersensitive children during seasonal changes.

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