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Flavin-C: The Essential Vitamin C Complex for Immune Strength and Antioxidant Support

Flavin-C is a potent blend of vitamin C combined with bioflavonoids, mirroring the way vitamin C is found in nature to enhance its effectiveness. This formula is designed to support healthy collagen formation, maintain healthy blood vessels, support connective tissues, maintain normal inflammatory balance, and boost immune system function. Providing 400 mg of vitamin C, along with acerola extract, quercetin, citrus bioflavonoid complex, hibiscus, and rutin, Flavin-C is your comprehensive solution for antioxidant support and overall health.

Unlock the Power of Flavin-C:

  • Promotes Healthy Collagen Formation: Supports the integrity of blood vessels and connective tissues for overall cardiovascular and skin health.
  • Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance: Aids in managing the body's response to inflammation, promoting comfort and wellness.
  • Boosts Immune System Function: Strengthens the immune system, providing enhanced defense against environmental challenges.
  • Rich in Essential Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids work synergistically with vitamin C, enhancing its antioxidant and health-supporting properties.

Why Choose Flavin-C?

Flavin-C is distinguished by its balanced formulation, providing a natural and effective way to supplement your vitamin C intake:

  • Comprehensive Vitamin C Blend: Includes a blend of vitamin C from multiple sources, including acerola fruit juice concentrate, to enhance immune function and provide support for collagen synthesis.
  • Enhanced with Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids such as quercetin, citrus bioflavonoids, hibiscus, and rutin offer additional antioxidant support and contribute to the maintenance of a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Optimal Absorption and Efficacy: The combination of vitamin C with bioflavonoids enhances the absorption and effectiveness of vitamin C, ensuring you receive maximum benefits.
  • Supports a Wide Range of Health Benefits: From supporting immune health and antioxidant protection to maintaining healthy skin and blood vessels, Flavin-C offers comprehensive support for your overall well-being.

Embrace the holistic benefits of vitamin C with Flavin-C, your all-in-one supplement for immune strength, antioxidant support, and overall vitality. Whether you're looking to enhance your immune defense, support healthy aging, or maintain optimal wellness, Flavin-C provides the essential nutrients your body needs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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