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EstroDIM® is a targeted dietary supplement that supports estrogen balance and proper estrogen metabolism in both women and men. It combines the synergistic benefits of two cruciferous vegetable metabolites: indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and 3,3'-diindolylmethane (DIM).

Key Features:

1. Estrogen Balance: EstroDIM® helps maintain a healthy balance of estrogen levels by promoting the metabolism of beneficial estrogen metabolites, such as 2-hydroxyestrone (2-OHE), while reducing the production of potentially harmful metabolites like 4-hydroxyestrone (4-OHE) and 16-α-hydroxyestrone (16-αOHE).

2. Improved Estrogen Detoxification: I3C and DIM in EstroDIM® support phase I and phase II detoxification pathways, aiding in the body's ability to process and eliminate excess estrogen effectively.

3. Cellular Antioxidant Support: EstroDIM® provides antioxidant support by promoting the production of beneficial estrogen metabolites, which helps protect DNA from potential damage caused by harmful estrogen metabolites.

4. Breast and Prostate Health: Preclinical studies suggest that I3C and DIM have the potential to support breast, cervical, endometrial, and prostate health by regulating estrogen metabolism and signaling.

EstroDIM® is formulated with targeted doses of both I3C and DIM in a single capsule, making it convenient to incorporate into your daily routine. By supporting proper estrogen metabolism and detoxification pathways, EstroDIM® helps maintain hormonal balance and promotes overall endocrine health for both women and men.

This product is suitable for individuals seeking natural support for estrogen balance, hormonal health, and overall well-being, especially in relation to breast and prostate health.
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